the free cpanel logo inspiration & best concept when i do a logo Branding & design i do lots of research revisions and sketches, bigger organisations more work ! for example when i make a design for a large organisations that often take more time and i involve more people at work to make the design as clear as possible.

some morons thinks graphic design work is simple and easy, because see the final product. It’s like watching a movie and criticizing it without knowing how much time, sweat and tears the people behind poured in it.

My strategist for work:

1-Keep it simple:

the best movment to make it better is to keep it simple, this is will save time, make it east to remmeber, and will help the logo to last longer, the studies shows that simple logos with less detail are more memorable than complex ones.

2- Make it small and big:

check the logo for the small size and the big size as well, when it looks fine then go the next step !


3-Make it work in one color:

eveyone at some point need to print their logo in black and white so keep it in mind and prepar it !


4-make 4:1 width to height as standard:

a logo that has roughly a 4:1 ratio which is Landscape orientation. This proportion works well for most logos that contain an icon and the companies name.

5- perpar the a square view:

when you will start making social media profiles you will need this for your accounts . It is difficult to make a landscape logo that fit well inside a square so i always keep it in mind

6-Keep your name short or make a short name for your business:

this make your logo easier to recognize

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