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Writing – Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani & Review & Publish – Architect / Shaima Magdy.


The stage of introducing the modern style begins from the main entrance to the house, moving to the paints and finishing materials used in the house, so it is taken into account to choose them well in line with the style before starting to buy furniture.
And knowledge of the different materials used for furniture from different types of wood, metal, fabrics and others.

As for our topic today Architectural lens We will complete the second part of the series Choosing home furniture And we shed light on the most important of these foundations and their use in choosing modern-style furniture and its compatibility with the rest of the elements of the house, and we will answer these questions:

When is the modern model used?
What are the colors and finishing materials used in the modern house?
Is there a difference in the materials used in modern furniture?
What are the appropriate accessories for a modern home?

Why do we choose the modern model?

First: Reasons for choosing a modern home

1- In the case of a small house area (100 square meters or less).
2- Fits all small and large spaces.
3- Because modern furniture is less in size and details, it gives a sense of the spaciousness of the house.
4- If you want more practical furniture, it is the most appropriate choice.
5- Easy to move and move as it is lighter in weight.
6- It has multi-purpose furniture that is suitable for small spaces.
7- It can be combined with different shapes for its simplicity.

Second: the advantages of modern furniture for the home

1- Simplicity and multiplicity of forms used in it.
2- Flexibility in design resulting from the modern materials used.
3- Easy to move due to its light weight.
4- Fits all small and large spaces.
5- It has an appropriate price for several categories.
6- You can enter the colors you want.

Third: Disadvantages of modern home furniture

1- If the materials used in the furniture are not good, it causes damage to the furniture and does not last for a long time.

2- The wood used in some pieces of furniture does not appear, and therefore the lack of knowledge of its quality, which can cause a problem.

3- Buying from unreliable places of sale that reduce the quality of furniture.

Fourth: Choosing the finishing materials for the house

The modern design is characterized by the introduction of natural materials in the finishing, which in turn gives a sense of nature and simplicity.
Materials such as (wood – stones – marble and other materials are used in several forms in floors, walls and ceilings and give a special beauty to the space and furniture.

The use of different finishing materials, wood and ceramic, with bright yellow and blue colors, and white walls and floors

the color : The use of neutral colors gives breadth to the space.

Make the color of the walls different so that there is a contrast between it and the furniture, so that the furniture appears.

finishing materials: The use of bricks in the wall gives a sense of warmth to the void.

Making the color of the carpet match the color of the bricks used in the wall to make the space connected together. The use of exposed concrete in the ceiling to give a sense of modernity.

Fifth: Dividing the spaces inside the modern house

There are two preferred methods to use in dividing spaces in the modern style:

open space: And he gets rid of the walls inside the space and connects more than one space together (provided that they do not need privacy) so that it gives a sense of the large space and prefers to use it, especially in small spaces.

When using this type of design, there should be harmony between all the furniture elements used in the space together so that the space becomes as one unit.

The open space is divided with furniture and divided into zones, each zone containing a different activity.

Divide the space by partition: Simple breaks are made between the spaces to create a bit of privacy. The partition can be made of several materials (glass bricks – glass panels – hollow wood and other materials).

We note in the previous text:
open space: In this house, due to the small space, he used the open space and combined three spaces (kitchen – dining room – living room) to give a sense of the large space.

He also divided the space into three zones according to each activity.

It is noted that each zone used furniture to differentiate between the different activities and make each space semi-enclosed.

modern home-modern furniture-modern design
By modifying the previous void and dividing the space by the partition, we notice that the shape and impression of the void differed and achieved privacy

Divide the space using the partition: The open space can be separated using a partition of several materials, which can be wood, metal, or other materials, but they must be compatible with the materials used inside the space.

It increases the privacy of an area in the open space and gives more separation between the zonules.

Sixth: Modern home furniture

1- furniture shape

Express lines and geometric shapes: The choice of modern furniture is characterized by being clear and simple and does not contain decorations, and this gives strength to the furniture within the space, as it consists of explicit forms8 that are easy to perceive.

curved lines: Curved lines can be inserted into furniture, but they are clear and on a large scale, for example in round tables, etc.

In the previous design:
straight lines: It was used in the sofa to be strong and clear.
curved lines: He used it on the legs of the back table, but combined it with metal to give it a modern feel.

Seventh: The materials used in modern furniture

Metal Metal has become part of modern furniture, and it can be used in several ways, such as chair legs and table legs, as well as lighting units, and it gives strength and value to furniture.

the wood Wood is always included in all types of furniture, as it gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The use of wood in the floor and in the staircase wall.

MDF It is becoming increasingly common in modern furniture, and it is similar to wood, but it is cheaper than it, but the degree of bearing wood is greater.

the glass It is one of the materials that entered into the modern design and we can put it on the table or in the storage units or use it in different ways.
acryl It has become involved in the design of modern furniture, and it is similar to glass, but it is more solid than it.

cloth It is used in all types of furniture and is a major element. In the case of modern furniture, plain fabrics or those with small patterns are used.

Korean A modern material that is used more in the kitchen instead of marble, as it is treated and does not cause stains like marble.

In the previous design use:
lines : Bold lines in the chairs illustrate the technology in the use of metal.
Materials : The use of metal and glass in the table.

modern home-modern furniture-modern designdfgh,mnw8,
Designed by Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani – © Architectural Photography – Archlens group

In the previous design was used:
lines : The use of geometric shapes and straight lines in furniture.
The use of curved lines in lighting units.

Materials : The introduction of metal in the design in the legs of the sofa, table chairs and hanging lighting units until the design becomes modern and connected together.
Use of marble on the table.
Use a light-colored cloth to create a contrast between it and the floor.
Use the plain and simple fabric to match the modern furniture.

Eighth: The accessories used in the modern home

1- doors

entrance door The entrance door gives a reflection of the house, so it must be chosen as a value to give the impression of the value of the house behind it.
It is preferable to choose the armored door to increase security, and it can be covered with wood to cover the iron in case you do not want to show it.

interior doors The curtain separating the rooms of the house uses doors that are less dense in wood than the external doors, and they take the form of acetate used for the house, whether (classic or modern).
They are of two types: (prefabricated doors – doors made by the carpenter).
It is preferable for ready-made doors where they are pre-painted and only be located after the clamshell and are fixed with foam in place and save time.
But if a specific design for the door is not available in the market, the door is manufactured with carpentry.

Choose the type of doors:If the space is small, it is preferable to use the modern style because it is characterized by simplicity.

door handles:The handles are modern and are characterized by the following:
•the shape : It is characterized by simplicity, details and simple lines.
•Colors : Light colours.
•the size : Its size is simple.
•the use : It is used for simple modern doors and is light in weight .

2- curtains

Determine if the curtains need great privacy or not.

– In the case of great privacy, we use two layers of curtain inside the curtain house, one of them is light, such as voile or chiffon, to pass the light, and the other is heavy to prevent vision and increase privacy, such as velvet or cotton curtains.

– A layer of blackout can be added to prevent light and vision, and it is used in spaces with large privacy, such as bedrooms.

American curtains Light fabrics are used, as they give a sense of lightness and ease of movement.
The colors of the curtains can be the same as the colors of the space for consistency and can differ from them to prevent boredom, and both are correct.

It is preferable to buy or design curtains after purchasing the furniture so that it fits with it and the fabrics used in it.

Ninth: Examples of choosing modern furniture

1 – a space that includes (reception and dining room)
modern home-modern furniture-modern design
Designed by Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani – © Architectural Photography – Archlens group

Note in this design:
furniture shape : Take straight straight lines that give force to space.
The use of circular lighting units to break the sharpness of straight lines.

materials used : Use metal in the legs.
The use of marble or Corian in the tables.
The use of neutral colors and the introduction of inscriptions in a simple way.
The use of overlapping wicker in the hands.

finishing materials مواد Use of wood or MDF in floors.
The use of bricks in the wall creates a contrast with the materials used.

the color Use the light color in a wide area to give the space wide.

Curtains Combination of heavy and light curtains that allow light to pass through.

2- (living room or reception)

We note this design:
furniture shape : Use the straight geometric lines that control the space.

materials used : He used metal and combined two colors of metal (silver and black) in a homogeneous manner.
Use glass or acrylic on the table.
The use of neutral colors and the introduction of inscriptions in the sofa and pillows.

the color The use of light color to give widening to the space and to highlight the furniture, as it made a contrast between them.

Curtains : Use sliding blinds to block or pass light.

windows Use of windows with a large area to suit the modern design.

3- (bedroom)

furniture shape Use the bed and the seat in front of the bed, open from the bottom, to give a sense of the spaciousness of the room.

materials used : Use metal and wood to combine modernity and warmth in the room.

lighting units Use natural lighting from the windows and use modern blinds on both sides of the bed to make the light indirect and to suit the use of the bedroom.

finishing materials مواد Use wood or MDF in a color that matches the furniture.

Curtains Use light chiffon curtains to pass the lighting when needed.

4- (bath)

Furniture shape: Use the simple, pure form free of decorations.

Materials used: Corian was used in the bathtub and tub, as it is a modern, malleable material that is easy to shape.
Using wood or MDF and treating it against moisture.

finishing materials: The combination of more than one type of finishing, but it shares together the gray color.
Use in the other walls the beige color that matches the color of the wood.

The Door : The use of the simple classic door free of decorations and made of wood.

Knob : Lightweight handle, simple in shape and size.

5- (Kitchen)

Furniture shape: The use of kitchen furniture is open to the space next to it, which achieves modernity and wideness of the space.
The use of pure and clear furniture, which enhances the modern sense of emptiness.
He also used an island in a modern way, in which the sink and the stove were placed, and it was used as a counter to sit on the benches.

Materials used: Use metal bearing chairs.
Using dark wood that matches the color of the wall.

finishing materials: The use of bricks in the wall to give a sense of nature and modernity, and its color is the same as the wood used in the furniture.


After we got acquainted with the modern design of the furniture inside the house and the materials and the various forms that it takes, we will move in the next article to learn about the classic design, when it is used, the materials used in it, and some illustrative examples. Follow with us the rest of the series to know which type do you prefer, modern or classic. .

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2- Modern and classic decoration.

3. Modern curtains.

4- Modern home decor.

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