(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration, home card, architect lens 2021 – What are the five elements?

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Writing – Architect / Faten Al-Ghubari & Review and Publish – Architect / Shaima Magdy.

an introduction :

(Feng shui ) Chinese flag called flag feng shui It is what we will highlight today through the lens of an architect who aims to benefit from the positive energy of the place, arrange the house and obtain maximum health and comfort.

energy They are the ones that generally affect the behavior of the person and make him feel strange things and the cause is not known, whether positively or negatively. There are basic sources in the home that affect the person’s mood and psychological state significantly.
Sometimes we enter a place or at the door of the apartment, we feel a negative or positive energy of unknown reason or in the workplace, which affects our relationship with the people around us in dealing.

feng Means “wind” And theShui Means “waterIn China, wind and water symbolize health and wellness. When the goals of this science are achieved, this leads to comfort, positive energy, and a good feeling when entering and sitting at home.

We will get acquainted with this science and its objectives and answer these questions:

What is the science of energy (Feng Shui)?
What are the elements of using (Feng Shui)?
What are the things that affect the energy in the house from the elements of furnishings and decor in the style of (Feng Shui)?

The science of feng shui.

Feng Shui is the art and science of organizing the interior space to maximize positive energy, arranging furniture for a better life.

The ancient Chinese believed that humans are negatively or positively affected by the surrounding assets, so they created the art of “Feng Shui,” which is concerned with arranging and modifying the assets around us to attract positive energy to flow into the human body and its surroundings without hindrances.

It is a science that the Chinese have used for more than 4,000 years, and the ancient Pharaohs also relied on it. It is one of the most things that affect man, given that most of his time will be exposed to this energy.

Elements of use (Feng Shui ):

The design of the house in the style of Feng Shui takes into account that the air and light that enters the room is of good quality. These two elements are essential to boosting positive energy in the home.

There are five elements of dynamic energy in life and you will need to add all five elements, each room of the house will contain something representing these five elements, namely:

– the wood.
– fire.
– Earth.
– Metal.
– water.

feng shui - feng shui - energy - energy of the house
Feng Shui – Basic Feng Shui Energy Elements
Image source : flickr
feng shui - feng shui - energy - home energy (Feng Shui) feng shui and the relationship of home decoration card
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and Relationship Decoration Home Card –
The Nine Axes of Feng_Shui_Bagua
Image source: wikipedia

Interior design in Feng Shui style:

There are feng shui rules for getting positive energy in the house and we will show the most important ones in different parts of the house.

First: you must organize and arrange the house.
Second: Removing the rubble, dust, scattered papers, statues, and many decorations.
And then fulfill these rules:

1- Entrance:

Make the front part of the house (entrance of the house) attractive

According to the law of Feng Shui, positive energy enters the house through the front door, so it must be:

1- The main entrance to the house is distinguished by its harmonious and balanced colors between dark and light colors.
2- Everyone is welcome and tidy, with no clutter or obstacles.
3- Ensure that all plants at the entrance are green and well-groomed
4- To stay away from a common mistake that we often make, which is to put the boots “shoe locker” next to the front door, whether from the inside or the outside, thus we put a center of chaos in front of the front door, which is the crossing of energy, and it is better to move it away or choose a closed boot.

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
A picture showing the entrance to the house and how comfortable it is, as he made a seat to sit on, and there is no clutter that sends negative energy
Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash
2- Furniture in the house:

1- Repair the broken pieces (from furniture, doors, windows) and get rid of everything that cannot be repaired.
2- Avoid furniture with sharp parts and be in proportion to the proportions and sizes of the bedding in the area.
3- Round lines are preferred in Feng Shui, as it is believed that sharp corners emit negative energy.
4- The use of natural plants, except for the cactus and plants with thorns.
5- The use of crystal has a role in positive energy and reflecting the colors around it, which gives joy and influence on those in the house.

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash
3- Mirrors in the house:

_ In the world of Feng Shui, mirrors reflect positive energy, and thus this energy is multiplied by its presence in the house.
However, it is not preferable to place the mirror facing the main door, as well as the mirror facing the bed, as they are one of the bad elements that affect the energy of the house

The reason it is not recommended to be there in front of the main door is that it reflects the positive energy coming to us from the universe to the outside, but it is preferable to put a mirror at one end of the corridors so that it reflects the energy and returns it to the house and prevents it from escaping.

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Interior Design Furniture Mirror-(Feng Shui)
Feng Shui and the relationship of home decoration card
Image source:maxpixel
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Image source:piqsels
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
4- Corridors:

The corridors in the science of space energy is a very precise matter as they are the arteries that move energy in the house, so it is necessary to make sure of several points, the most important of which are:

1- The corridor should not start with the main door of the house and end with another door, balcony or window, as this will reduce the amount of energy inside the house.
2- Avoid long corridors that end with a wall or frame, but it is preferable that the end of it be a room door.
3- A crossing corridor should be placed behind the living sofa so that the energy of people does not pass to the seated person and he feels uncomfortable.

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Image source: unsplash
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card

Stairs are the energy path up and down.
The stairs directly opposite the entrance door must be avoided so that the feng shui energy does not rush quickly to the lower or upper floor and this leaves the main floor without a good supply of energy as it shoots away.
– If it is already facing the entrance door, its effect can be reduced by laying carpets engraved on it, in addition to the importance of not having a mirror opposite the steps so as not to cause accidents.

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Image source: unsplash
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
6- Separate the work area from the rest area:

The area designated for work or as a home office should be kept completely separate from the living room or bedroom.
– If work is mixed with rest, relaxation will be impossible in the living room, and it will prevent getting a good night’s rest in the bedroom, using an imaginary separator such as (vase – planting – empty partition or glass – table) in order to add a sense of intimacy and containment and do not mix up the energy of the place .

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Image source: unsplash
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card

Use an element of water at home:

Seeing water makes a person feel comfortable and pure, so it is preferable to put a fountain or a basin with fish and water, or in the case of a swimming pool, make the door glass to overlook it.

Clean and renewable water promotes feelings of relaxation and harmony, on the contrary, stagnant water has impurities, so it is preferable to always close the bathroom door and not to face the bedroom bed or face the main door so as not to cause energy to escape from it, so if the bathroom faces the front door, most of the energy The good will easily escape through the bathroom, and it is best to change its location or at least the location of the door only.

8- Suitable and comfortable colors for the house:

Colors have a special importance in feng shui, each color represents an important element of design, for example:
It is preferable to use light and calm colors to give a feeling of comfort, especially in reception rooms and public places, and colors that mimic nature.

He also takes into account the colors that represent the five different elements of feng shui:

The wood element is represented by shades of greenish-brown.
The element of fire is represented by shades of red and some shades of yellow.
The metal element is represented in white, gray and metallic colors.
Water is represented in blue and black tones.
Earth is represented by orange, beige and some shades of yellow.

It is taken into account when choosing the color of the room that it is consistent with all the elements in the room and that all the elements must harmonize together and later we will talk about the effect of colors at length..

You can also learn more about this topic by reading this article
Colors and their relationship to the philosophy of Feng Shui

9- Illumination

The principles of feng shui are all based on connection with nature, so without any doubt, natural light plays a huge role in creating positive energies in the home. Open the windows of the house and choose any form of lighting that suits you and provides good lighting for the house

And the use of warm lighting in the bedrooms and living rooms, in contrast to the reception and work rooms, we use white lighting.

Image source: unsplash
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
[Image Source:pixabay](Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
10- The bedroom

The bedroom and the bed in particular are of great importance in the science of feng shui, and the following is taken into account when designing the room:
1- One of the biggest mistakes is placing the bed in a narrow angle, so that one side of the bed is adjacent to the wall, but the ideal position for your bed is preferable to be diagonally from the door so that it is free on both sides to allow the flow of energy all the time and to be behind a wall.
2- If the bed is under the window, then the curtains and blinds should remain closed at bedtime.
3- You should avoid sharp corners and metal furniture in the bedroom, relying on furniture made of wood and simulating nature, such as parquet flooring, and avoiding porcelain.
4- It is not preferred to put the TV and electronic devices in your bedroom, a big mistake that fills the room with negative energy and prevents the feeling of good sleep.
5- When you put your bed under a sloping roof, your energy is always under constant pressure.
6- Stay away from the loud noises in the room and move the bed away from it.

(Feng Shui) Feng Shui and the relationship of decoration home card
Image source:unsplash(Feng Shui)Feng Shui and the relationship of home decoration card

You can see a very important topic, the bedroom and the foundations of its design


With these ten points you can begin to create a more harmonious and prosperous home.
This ancient art has helped millions of people around the world organize their lives and promote calm and well-being.
Although there is a lot to learn with the rules of feng shui, it turns out that these are the first basic steps everyone can take to start making a difference in their lives.


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