The Movement of Open Source Architecture

The Movement of Open Source Architecture

Since the open source movement has started, it mentioned very clear goals in the life, to help the community to get a better life, and give an opportunity to everyone, everywhere in the world to join the movement. That’s why open source projects always give unusual and cheap solutions for complicated problems in the world. Open source movement can be adapted to any filed in life.

Architects and Open Source Architecture

Therefore some architects has joined the spirit of this movement, to run the open source architecture. In general architecture is not just about building and designing, also it’s about helping the community to get a better life. Open source architecture helps to find low cost, high performance solutions for common problems, such as climate change, urbanization and health.

Firas Faraji

فراس فرجي مهندس معماري و مصمم يشارك معكم تشكيلة و ثروة كبيرة في الديكورات و الاكسسوارات الفخمة من خلال خبرته من السنوات التي قضاها في العمل مع أبرز العلامات التجارية التركية و مكاتب التصميم. يمكنك رؤية مقالات التصميم, عناصر التصميم, مشاريع قمت بتنفيذها و مشاريع اعجبتني افكارها, بالاضافة الى المتجر المتخصص بالاكسسوارات والديكورات التي تجعل من فراغك أكثر حيوية و جمال.

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