How to choose Furniture for Your Home 2020 – Part One (Choice Basics) How to choose Furniture for Your Home

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Writing – Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani & Review and Publish – Architect / Shaima Magdy .


– Upon receiving the house, the stage of designing the house begins to suit the individuals who will live in it to achieve their taste and provide the greatest comfort.
– The design starts from the stage of electricity, and this is what most people neglect and not after finishing, as some think.
Where the places to place the furniture are imagined and designed, and by knowing the heights and the various uses of the rooms, the design is done.

An example for clarification: the desire to put electric stools on both sides of the sleeping bed, so the width of the bed and the height of the commodes on both sides of the bed must be known so that the stool’s location is correct and other examples.

In this article, we will talk in the first part of the series about the basics of choosing furniture before heading to classify it between modern and classic.

As for our topic today, through the lens of an architect, we will shed light on the most important of these foundations and their use in choosing furniture and its compatibility with the rest of the elements of the house, and we will answer these questions:

What are the factors that affect the purchase of furniture?
What are the best solutions in case the house is small?
What are the problems that we face when choosing and solving furniture?
Buying or customizing home furniture?
How to match home furniture with finishing materials?

How is the compatibility of home furniture together?

First: the factors affecting the choice of home furniture

There are factors that affect the choice of home furniture, such as the budget, the size of the house, the taste of the owners of the house, and the harmony between the different furniture in the spaces so that it appears as one unit.
And there are other factors such as the feeling and use of the void.

There are some questions to ask before choosing furniture :

What are the most important and irreplaceable pieces of space?
What feelings do you want to create in the void?

The effect of choosing furniture on the feeling within the space:

The shape of the furniture, its colors and the selected fabrics clearly affect the feeling of the individual within the space. Therefore, when choosing furniture for each room in the house, it is necessary to know what feeling we want to create in this space, and from it the optimal choice of furniture will be made.

Photo by Amira Aboalnaga on Unsplash

Third: The problems we face in choosing and solving home furniture

house space: The size of the furniture may be larger or smaller than the space in which it will be placed.

The solution :
We measure the space to determine the appropriate dimensions of the furniture that will fit the space.
In the case of a small space, it is preferable to use multi-use furniture or furniture made of glass.
Putting mirrors to give a sense of the vastness of the void.

budget : Determine the budget that will be spent in the selection of furniture.

The solution :
Determining whether he will separate or buy the furniture, as the furniture can be made cheaper than the ready-made furniture by changing the types of wood and fabrics used to suit the budget.

homeowners taste :The taste of home owners may conflict with the furniture in the market.

The solution :
– It is possible to customize the furniture that matches their taste and choose the fabrics and type of wood that are included in the furniture in the way they want.

Fourth: Buying or customizing home furniture

After searching in the market for the furniture you want in the house that is proportional to its area and that suits the desired taste, if we do not find what suits the house in this case, we turn to detailing the furniture.

Features of custom home furniture:

Choosing the shape of the furniture and fabrics that the person desires, without being restricted to certain shapes (which are available in the markets).

Furniture detailing problem:

The error in taking the appropriate scale for the person and not achieving it for comfort and not taking it out in the required form or changing its size.
The solution :
– It is necessary to rely on a trusted person and see his works, the extent of their guarantee, quality, the quality of the wood used, and most importantly the skill of the craftsman performing it.
Or we carry out a small sample to see its suitability, it may be free or a small amount, depending on the port, and thus avoid paying a large amount for furniture that was not suitable.

Fifth: The most important steps to facilitate the selection of home furniture

1-Choose model : Whether it is contemporary (modern), classic, eclectic, traditional, or other types.

2- Prioritize : Knowing the basics that you need in the house, there is someone who wants two single beds and another person who wants a bed consisting of two floors to save space, everyone has priorities other than the other.

3- design every room Keep in mind that each room has a different activity from the other, and therefore the furniture, so choose the appropriate one for it, but in a general view so that it is in the same style as the rest of the house furniture.

4- Choose a special piece : This saves you a lot of thinking when you choose the main piece of the space such as the bed in the bedroom or the dining table in the dining room and then choose the rest of the room’s furniture and finishing materials based on this main element.

5- Combine different furniture : You can combine different furniture together in the same house, but make it all in one thing together, as the difference is desirable so that you do not get bored.

6- Durability : It is a major thing in choosing furniture to be of materials that can bear the work on it.

Sixth: Choose the materials from which the furniture is made

1- cloth

In the case of the sofa or chairs, the fabric that is suitable for daily use must be chosen, and the period of use of the fabric is known whether it is used permanently or is used simply, so the type of fabric used is chosen to withstand the use and last as long as possible.

2- wood

In the case of the table, the sofa, the beds, the cupboard, and others, the type of wood must also be chosen according to the use. amount of time.

3- Marble

In the case of the kitchen, table and counter, it is taken into account not to choose marble, which causes stains in the kitchen, and it is better to choose granite. At the table, it is preferable not to choose a large area marble without supports so as not to cause it to break.

Photo by Alex Qian from Pexels

Seventh: Choosing the finishing materials

There must be harmony in the materials used for finishing with the materials used for furniture. One type of material can be used in more than one form, for example, the same type of wood can be used in floors and walls, or marble that can be used in the wall and as marble for the kitchen, and so it gives a feeling that the house One block interconnected.

Choosing Furniture - Furniture - Home Design
Designed by Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani – © Architectural Photography – Archlens group

In this design:
1- The same type of material was used in more than one way, the same colors of the carpet were used in the pillows.
2- The same material used in the sofa was also chosen for the pillows.
3- Marble was used in the floor and was also placed on the table, but in the floor I used marble tiles, but the table used a complete marble to match together in the same design.

Eighth: Fit the furniture with the finishing materials

It is preferable to collect the furniture to be used with the finishing materials at one time in order to allow you to have a better view of the items that are used in the house and the extent to which they fit together and is it consistent with the purpose of each space
There are spaces that need calm (so that the finishing materials have the same color grades as the furniture used to give a sense of comfort and calm).
– And other spaces that need activity and vitality (in which the colors of the furniture are contrasted with the finishing materials used to create a different experience of activity and focus).

Choosing Furniture - Furniture - Home Design
Image source:
We notice in this design giving a sense of calm due to the matching of the colors of the furniture and the finishing materials together, and this is what makes it empty.
Choosing Furniture - Furniture - Home Design
Designed by Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani – © Architectural Photography – Archlens group

Ninth: Matching home furniture

There are several factors to mix different furniture together and seem compatible and compatible together, which is to find a common element between the furniture.

1- Furniture height : Make the furniture of the same type as the sofa at the same height in order to facilitate conversation and provide the greatest comfort.

Choosing Furniture - Furniture - Home Design
Designed by Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani – © Architectural Photography – Archlens group
A: The height of the sofa from the floor

2- Furniture Depth : Make the furniture the same depth, preferably at a comfortable depth for human sitting, which is no more than 50 cm.

Choosing Furniture - Furniture - Home Design
I: sofa depth

3- Shape and color : The shape and color of the furniture are compatible together, and if there is a difference in any of them, the other must be compatible so that the space remains homogeneous together.

Designed by Architect/ Alaa Mohamed Abdel Ghani – © Architectural Photography – Archlens group

Tenth: Multi-use furniture

To save the largest amount of space in small spaces, and due to the development of the times, the trend has become to multi-use furniture

1- Built-in furniture with storage units: It helps to reduce the number of used furniture and thus leads to the expansion of the space.
Example : The bed with drawers for storage and the sofa that can be stored under it.

2- Smart Furniture: The one who integrates technology with furniture .
Example : Introducing technology into the table, such as wireless charging, to reduce wire clutter.

Furniture that extends: Furniture that can be folded and when needed can be disassembled and used.
Example : The sofa that turns into a bed, chairs and tables that can be folded and disassembled when in use.

Illustrative examples of what was discussed:

first example

Matching home furnishings: Although he changed the shape of the small sofa from the big one, he used the color of the sofa in the pillows to make the furniture connected together, and he also used the same type of wood.
He collected the colors he used in the frames to give a sense of the integration of space.

Furniture with finishing materials: To highlight the sofa, he chose the light finishing colors (white) to give a sense of joy and diversity.

second example

Furniture with colors: He used finishing materials in the same colors as the furniture to give the space a sense of calm and comfort, and this is the purpose of the space.

Matching Furniture home: Note the diversity between the sofas, some of which take the form of nets and the other solid, but the two share the colors to match the furniture together.

The heights of the sofas are all the same, which gives a more sense of fit in the space.

third example

small space: Due to the small space, he made furniture that fits the space, such as a double bed, to save space.

Use the L-shaped sofa to save space.

Versatile Furniture: Use a wardrobe that is divided into two parts, a clothes part and a shelves part to put the things that he wants to display.

Putting a wardrobe also integrated with the wall next to the bed to save the largest amount of space.

Furniture Selection Model Type: The use of the modern model to suit the narrow space.

Fourth example

multi-purpose furniture: Use the table that can be extended as needed to save space.

The effect of choosing finishing materials and furniture:
– Due to the house’s connection to the garden, which appears from the window, this affected the finishing materials. The wall used the shape of bricks and painted it to give a connection with nature.
The pillows take the shapes of birds, influenced by the location of the house.
Incorporating the element of plants into the design of the furniture so that the space harmonizes with the nature around it.

lighting: Natural lighting greatly affects the house.


After we got acquainted with the basics of choosing furniture in general, we will move in the upcoming articles to the classification of choosing furniture between modern and classic, when to use any of them and how to harmonize between the elements of the house. Follow us and for inquiries leave any comment …….



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